Friend of Reason Takes it Easy

Well I’m at the point in my university semester where it becomes impossible to procrastinate further without being irresponsible. Consequently my uni work is taking up a good deal of my time, and I usually feel like doing nearly anything but typing when I take a break. While ‘Friend of Reason’ is a fun and relaxing commitment, it’s also an intellectually time consuming one and currently my head is filled with plant physiology, Australian fauna ecology/taxonomy and conservation and land management techniques. This leaves little space for much else..

But not to worry, I’m still committed to contributing to Friend of Reason, and you can still expect to see new post at least once a week. This slow down is of course temporary, and in a few months when the semester is over I’ll be back to power-housing 3-4 articles a week.

For now enjoy my previous articles and keep a look out for my upcoming entries!

Thanks for reading!

One Response to “Friend of Reason Takes it Easy”

  1. skylark Says:

    skylark wishes you well with studying and looks forward to future entries!

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