Omega Point(less?) Theory

After my somewhat silly blog post about the Unidentified Foreign Obstacle I feel everyone deserves a post with a bit more substance. To this end I wish to explore Frank J. Tipler’s “Omega Point Theory.”

A member of the “skeptics guide to the universe” forum recently posted the following in the religion/philosophy section.

I wonder if anyone is familiar with Dr. Tiplers’ theory of the Omega Point. It’s been dubbed a kind of scientific explanation of heaven. I am currently in the process of creating a graphic novel about the mythology of religion, in so far as it’s all myth. Anyway, I want to include this in the part about “heaven” but I want to include the criticism of the theory but I’m not a scientist. It seems preposterous and definitely gets my skeptic red flags out but I’d like to hear what’s wrong with the equation/theory in question.

Well I’m not a scientist (yet) either but thought I’d put some reading time in and tackle the question. I shall briefly summarize the idea behind Frank Tipler’s “Omega Point Theory” in as simple terms as I can. I am no expert (or even amateur) physicist and am myself only vaguely able to understand some of the physics behind Tipler’s theory. Despite my (and many readers) lack of physics background the logical principles and critical thinking involved in criticizing the theory are easily accessible and comprehensible to all:

The “Omega Point” is the term given by Tipler for the ultimate fate of the universe. Tipler argues that the universe will undergo a sort of “big crunch”, a hypothesis still circulated as a possibility by modern physicists. Some calculations have predicted that this big crunch might occur around 42 billion years from now. A big crunch involves the universe eventually contracting back on itself until it reaches a primordial state (perhaps initiating another big bang). For this to occur then the gravitational force of all the matter in the universe needs to be sufficient to counteract the energy with which the universe is expanding. Unfortunately for Tipler and other proponents of the big crunch it is now almost certain that rather than the expansion of the universe slowing and reversing it’s actually speeding up! This could instead result in a sort of big rip as the fabric of the universe tears itself apart.

Irregardless of scientific evidence Tipler’s Omega Point Theory proceeds under his specific notion of the end of the universe. To cut to the meatier part of his theory Tipler argues that as the universe contracts exponentially fast, so to the maximum computational capacity of the universe will increase (faster than time runs out). In essence he’s saying that a computer could theoretically use the contraction of the universe to power itself and operate at a speed which is faster than time, giving it infinite energy (apparently). How exactly this would be accomplished is beyond my understanding, but this theory gets even better! This ultimate computer with the infinite energy could then use it’s power to effectively resurrect every human that ever lived. This computer or “God” as Tipler refers to it as will then go about simulating a paradise reality for every human being. In case you haven’t figured out what this “simulated paradise” is yet I’ll give you a clue.


That’s right folks, this elaborate theory dressed up to look like it could be real physics is actually a scientific attempt at rationalizing heaven. To help me out with criticizing this theory using actual evidence and logic (rather than the ridicule it’s easy to rely on) I turned largely to Michael Shermer’s brilliant book “Why People Believe Weird Things In this book Shermer actually dedicated a chapter to dealing with Dr. Tipler’s Omega Point in why people believe weird things. I shall attempt to distill Shermer’s criticism’s into a few digestible chunks:

1) Tipler claims that Omega Point Theory is a ‘testable physical theory for an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God” and that “if any reader has lost a loved one … modern physics says you and they shall live again.” Tipler nevers does provide any evidence for his so called testable theory and throughout the book relies on what sounds nice and what gives people hope. Nothing resembling an actual scientific hypothesis or theory is presented.

2) Tipler argues away most major hurdles and criticisms with “science will find a way”. He claims that humans with not only colonize some galaxies but all galaxies using technologies he assumes will arrive because of his faith in science. Skeptics are often accused of having faith in science, Dr. Tipler demonstrates what that really looks like. He waves away all scientific hurdles including faster than light travel with unscientific wishful thinking.

3) Dr. Tipler’s theory seems to be based on nothing short of what he personally wants to happen, though he proposes it likes it’s destiny. From his and our limited perspective the concept of accurately predicted the history of the human race until the end of this universe is ludicrous. To demonstrate how improbable his ideas are Micheal Shermer sets up a brief casual link that would need to be followed:

if the density parameter is greater than 1 and thus the universe is closed and will collapse; if the Bekenstein bound is correct; if the Higgs boson is 220 20 Gev; if humans do not cause their own extinction before developed technology to leave the planet; if humans leave the planet; if human develop the technology to travel interstellar distances at required speeds; if humans find other habitable planets; if humans develop technology to slow down the collapse of the universe; if humans do not enoucnter forms of life hostile to their goals; if humans build a computer that approaches omniscience and omnipotence at the end of time; if this God wants to ressurect all previous life; if if if if!

So many of these steps might be wrong and there are so many others in between that this theory is nothing more than a highly flawed thought exercise in special pleading.

4) Tipler is manufacturing his ideas in the exact way as to validate his interpretation of Judeo-Christian philosophy. He is creating his own connections between physics and religion by re-defining both.

5) As memory is a product of neuronal connections how will the Omega/God reconstruct something that does not exist. The information within a human brain is truly lost at death, bringing them back is not a technological limitation. Tipler could then argue that the Omega recreates existence from the start using it’s apparently infinite energy and recreates all life through causality. The problem also exists of which memories will the Omega recreate and from what point in our lifes? It couldn’t truly be a continuation of my consciousness if the memories didn’t lead up to my death.

All in all there is no real science in Dr. Tipler’s theory. It is best described as an enormous case of special pleading. Here is a man who has stretched the limits of his reasoning to accommodate his own speculative belief system. For a more in-depth look grab “Why People Believe Weird Thing” by Micheal Shermer.”

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  1. I just started reading the physics of immortality. I am agnostic and going through what I would describe as a life crisis. I have panic disorder and during an attack I have a great fear of death. I figure that a book describing some science based rationale for an afterlife might do me good. I haven’t even scratched the surface of this book but I can tell that Tipler draws much of his theory from a thorough knowledge of physics and computer science. For this reason I’ve decided that I will benefit from reading it even if his theory of the afterlife is bunkum. I’m reading through the bit about finite and infinite machines and it’s very interesting.

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    • I am perplexed by the claims that you make, and am asking for some defense, and clarification in much of your statement. Firstly, I would like to address the claim that experiments have confirmed things. In our current understanding in the philosophy of science, experimentation doesn’t confirm anything, nor is it designed to. Rather, experimentation is designed to disprove hypotheses that are false. In paraphrasing Karl Popper, pretty much any hypothesis can be validated through experimentation, however that holds no value. For instance, horoscopes can be validated due to vagueness. A really valuable hypothesis makes claims that if true, would make certain outcomes impossible; they make “risky predictions.” The more a hypothesis forbids, the more valid the experiment, because the experiment can falsify the hypothesis, and prove it incorrect. What an experiment should not do is attempt to confirm something, because that is easy, and many false things can be confirmed true, if we selectively pick-and-choose our evidence.
      Secondly, I would like to address your claim that in order to deny the Omega Point hypothesis, one would have to ignore, or deny many well established physical laws. I would like to know where you’ve collected your knowledge that the gravitational constant (6.673 x 10^-11) is truly constant throughout the entire universe. I understand that we’ve established that it is the constant in our solar system, and have good reason to believe that it is the constant within the Milky Way. However, I have so far seen no reason as to why it is a true constant, throughout the entire universe. If you cannot supply evidence where the constant is a constant in other areas of the universe, then you cannot make judgments upon other areas of the universe. Physicists assume that the constant is a constant everywhere, however we have no evidence to say so, and we have no reason to think it is either, it is just simpler that way (Occam’s Razor), but that is only an assumption we make. To be based upon an assumption would make the hypothesis an assumption itself, and therefore not a valid argument. Furthermore, I understand your claim that to deny the Omega Point is to deny many physical laws, however, I do not understand why this is so, I believe that you need to defend this point. It is not enough to make this statement, you must form a logical argument, that illustrates this conclusion as valid.
      The last point I’d like to address is your claims that the hypothesis is not religious in nature, and couple this with your other claims that the hypothesis shows that Jesus’ miracles were possible. I believe that these two claims hold a lot of tension together. If it isn’t religious in nature, then it allows a multitude of religious miracles to become true, and we should not be focused on only one. Isn’t it now possible that Thoth walked as a man, and wrote the emerald tablet? Isn’t it now possible that Mohamed cast spells on Djinn? Isn’t it possible that Hercules was a real man, with real immense strength? Isn’t it now possible that there is a Flying Spaghetti Monster that is invisible and can pass through physical objects with ease? So, if this hypothesis is not religious in nature, then why are we looking only at Christian miracles, and showing that they are now possibly true, and ignoring the multitude of various other religious miracles, and showing that they are also true, by the same physical laws? You are unfairly focusing on one, and ignoring the others based solely on preference rather than any valid reasoning. Why is this, if the hypothesis is not religious in nature?

      • Kenneth R. Fountain,PhD Says:

        Your bit about Popper is rather incomplete. Popper (Conjectues and Refutations”) says that confirmations of theories can only be vsalid if they are the results of risky experiments. In Risky experiments the entire theory is at risk based on the outcome

  3. Hi, Christian, congratulations by the website and this topic. “If” we will prove the real existence of the Matrix/DNA how it is described in The Universal Matrix Theory, the computer imagined by Mr. Tipler already exists and it is purely natural. Try to imagine this Universe being a genetic production and our DNA being merely the biological shape of a Universal Matrix. For instance, the contraction of the Universe is a cosmological counterpart of thge contraction of the placenta, where its energy is transferred to the embryo. The terrestrial DNA maybe have all of our ancestrals registered in it, till bacterias, so, it is not crayse to imagine that everybody can be ressuscited. And if the Universe is really composed of hardware and software under evolution as suggests the models of the theory, individuals counciousness are being registered in the Matrix, also.
    But, the Matrix is suggesting that in this Universe as cosmic egg is being reproduced the natural system ex-machine which produced the Universe. “If” so, we can call it God, a natural and not omniscient, not magical God. What is being reproced is the son of God = the Tipler’s computer!

    • I disagree. There are a few damaging problems both scientific and philosophical for such a view to be true. As long as we are accepting evolution theory as factual, I would like to point out that there is a lot more to mutation than simply over-replication. There is also mutation (changes) of current DNA, as well as deletions of DNA. This means that it would be impossible for a computer to replicate everything in the past through the use of DNA. You see, it isn’t simply that we contain the entire DNA our great-great ancestors did, plus more, some of the DNA was changed (so we can’t go back to the original, because there is no way to find the original), and some of it was simply lost (and here we certainly cannot go back to the original). This means that our ancestors did indeed have genetic information that we lack. The humans of the future will have even more changes, and so it will be all the more impossible.
      For the philosophical issue, what we are using to define an individual is simply genetic data, according to the claim “The terrestrial DNA maybe have all of our ancestrals [sic] registered in it, till bacterias [sic], so, it is not crayse [sic] to imagine that everybody can be ressuscited [sic].” The issue with this is that now, there is no difference between humans and mosquitoes and grass. The computer would have to resurrect every single insect that ever lived, every single blade of grass that ever sprouted, every fertilized egg of every organism that never grew into viable offspring. The reason why is that all of these things contain genetic data as well. There is no distinction between us, and pond scum genetically speaking (the DNA will be different of course, but they will both contain DNA, and that’s what’s important here). This would lead to reason that there is no difference between you and a worm. You are no more valuable than a worm, no more important than a worm, you’re not even any different than a worm, with the exception that your code is different than the worm’s. Are you alright with accepting the idea that you are nothing but a worm in God’s eye? In fact, you and a worm are pretty much indistinguishable to God.

  4. Jones, thank you very much for replying because you gave new matter for thoughts. I have to address something here (if I can do it in my poor English). I think that Mr. Tipler is talking about resurrection of everybody and simulated paradises because he is inspired in creationism. I am not. But I think that is wonderful the great creativity and insight from Mr. Tipler’s imagination.
    Your objection about mutations, deleted DNA, etc. does not denies the possibility that every past living being were registered into the nowadays DNA: we don’t know what’s about the junk DNA, 97% of the DNA is unknown yet. And the Matrix models are suggesting they are recording evolution since the Big Bang.
    I am not alright with accepting the idea that I am nothing but a worm in God’s eye. First because there is no God’s eye seeing me. Second: my father’s eyes see me as human specie and not my past shapes of embryo, fetus, blastulae like fish, morulae like agglomerated of galaxies or his spermatozoon like worm. If the fate of this universe is carrying out a genetic reproduction from the natural system ex-machine, this father-system should see me at my last shape, which is now in its embryonary stage: purely consciousness.
    You disagree but you did not made the necessary mental operation for to understand what is biological DNA and what should be an ex-machine DNA… or Matrix. Here, the Mr. Tipler intuition about a divine computer makes sense.

  5. lucisferer Says:

    Yes, those are many “if”, but still possible “if”s. Tipler’s explanation is only one of many others, the first records of the theory is attributed to a Jesuit. Even if Tripler version is probed wrong partial or totally, the theory in itself is as valid and stable philosophically speaking, as it is to prove it either right or wrong. Yes, -our- current Universe might be expanding and this expansion is accelerating, yet,

    1) Expansion of the universe can be used as a source of energy too in the very same way as contraction 2) If -our- Universe is closed and absolute, this energy can be used to revert or stabilize the expansion of this Universe, 3) Other theories of multiverse open possibilities to new possible solutions. 4) Vacuum energy can be used too. 5) It is important to mention the HOW this computational power is achieved to understand why it is plausible. Shortly, it might even be independent to rather the Universe expands contracts or whatever. The point in Infinite computational power is that the capacity of redundancy in the Universe is infinite and that this redundancy can be used to compute. This means that all the interactions, all the “complexity” of the Universe can be used to compute.

    In doing so, Tracking down the interactions of all energy in the Universe, we could simulate a perfect copy of it, therefore the once living will live again, or more correctly, we could see them alive in -their- time, as if looking to an ant farm, then we could render that people into the “real” Universe.

    Now, I personally like the theory, but believe that it still have to be refined, then properly stated. For example, I can only wonder about the shape and fate of Universe, therefore my current calculations will be incomplete, I also wonder, ej, if the entropy of the Universe is great enough to make the simulation impossible, but to answer that requires knowledge beyond our current state, measures that I don’t even know if exist yet. Math that is beyond the understanding of anybody but a few theoretical mathematicians maybe.

    Finally, Science != Math. Science try to find out things but it is not absolute as math is, ej, 1+1=2 always, but gravity as basic as it is, is constantly re-interpreted, some theories now suggest that it could even be nullified or reversed. We still have much to learn from gravity while we already know everything about 1+1. Math is conclusive (mostly), Science is not.

    • lucisferer Says:

      heh, bad spellin’

    • Kenneth R. Fountain,PhD Says:

      Not to mention Suskin’s book, “The Black Hole Wars” Where he points out information in a system is at the walls of the system containment. He goes on to point out that this is thee principle of jolography which is closely related to Tipler’s thought. Ya knoww what? More science is needed. Remember Ludvig Bolzman!

  6. Tipler is a mathematical physicist, and I suppose that he did not just concocted his Omega Theory out of nothing–he just have to elaborate it more.
    I encountered the Omega Theory in a discussion on the possibility of human immortality, and I personally do not see it as a way of describing “heaven.” More of it as a description of how we (and everything in the universe) will end.
    Please take note that lately, some physicists are researching and are coming close to proving that the speed of light is not constant throughout the universe. What I’m trying to say is that we are now in a place in time where what we hold as true may not be. The scientific hurdles his theory must hurdle might be someday be solved.
    We are all in search of truth in understanding. A reasonable mind is an open mind.

  7. While I disagree with most of Tipler’s ideas, the fact remains that a simulation run within infinite time with infinite computational capacity would have to eventually “recreate” everyone who has ever existed. Look at this another way: if our universe is infinite, there exists exact copies of Earth and everyone on it somewhere in the universe. (I believe the last number I heard was that the closest “copy” to us would be at least 1*10^51 light years away, but I don’t know where that number comes from) In fact, there would be an infinite number of copies. Infinity isn’t just some really big number that you can count to if you spend enough time counting. If you are given infinite time to do infinite simulations, it will eventually simulate everything that can be simultated, and it will run those simulations an infinite number of times. Where Tipler is without a doubt wrong is in thinking that this qualifies as some type of rebirth or resurrection. A copy or simulation is distinct from the original (or copy) that it is supposedly based on. If it were possible to “transfer” a human mind into a computer, the gray matter that forms the human mind is not going to move and what is inside the computer would be a copy of the original, and would diverge from the original at that point. I don’t see how this would be any different. Everyone who had ever died would still be just as dead…. but don’t think that everyone who had ever lived would not eventually be simulated. An infinite amount of time to simulate every possible quantum state of the universe is going to produce everything that ever was or could be an infinite number of times.

    • I understand the concept of infinity.

      The point is though that continuity would not exist between your current living self and the simulated copy. This is a key disagreement that I have with OPT supporters, to which they invoke untested pseudo-scientific quantum effect similar to the “soul”.

      Yes you would be simulated, but you would not be “resurrected” in a literal sense because there is no continuity. Infinity would produce infinite copies of the same thing, and “you” cannot be infinite things at once. Each copy is individual and the copy that is currently “you”, ends with you.

      And yes I know that quantum information is never truly lost, but continuity of mind is.

      • That is exactly what I said: ” Where Tipler is without a doubt wrong is in thinking that this qualifies as some type of rebirth or resurrection. A copy or simulation is distinct from the original (or copy) that it is supposedly based on. If it were possible to “transfer” a human mind into a computer, the gray matter that forms the human mind is not going to move and what is inside the computer would be a copy of the original, and would diverge from the original at that point.”

        So in that sense, we agree. Personally, I think Omega Point theory is a bunch of hooey. My only point, and not necessarily to you, is that with infinite computational capacity it would be inevitable that everything and everyone would be simulated.

        In addition, in my tired state I wrote that the nearest “copy” of Earth in an infinite universe would be at least 1*10^51 light years distant. That should have said (1 followed by 43 trillion zeros) light years distant. I was thinking of somethhing else entirely when I wrote that. My only point there was that, in an infinite existence, anything that can happen will happen.

        So, to sum it up, I agree with you completely that this could not be considered a resurrection. I hope this clears it up.

      • Tordjman Says:

        Sorry but not only the quantum information is not los but it CAN’T be copied because of the no-cloning theorem. So in fact even in a heat death universe you can be resurrected by random thermal and quantum fluctuation if by a very tiny chance (there is more chance for 10*10*10… universe to apear) the same superposition of quantum information as was you happen. You will be resurrected and materialised in the vacuum energy for some seconds before dissipating again.

  8. Ahhh sorry Patrick, I should have read your comment more carefully. Yes, it appears we do indeed agree.

    Thank you for your comments.

    • No worries. My editing could have been better and it doesn’t help that I tend to be quite verbose when tired. I just found this site and I wish I had found it earlier.

  9. The question of continuity is not that evident, you make it sound like obvious that if there’s no continuity (in time ,matter,biology ? “) then it mean that it’s not a resurrection but a copy.

    Then for instance even in the story of the resurrection of the Christ it’s not a resurrection but a copy since the Christ stayed dead for 40 hours or so before being resurrected.

    And continuity of what ? consciousness ? is it a copy of me that wakes up every morning ?

    Continuity of matter, we know that the stuff I’m made from now is completely different from before at the atomic scale.

    In that sense we are perpetually copying ourselves in a new biological substrate.

    To me the only continuity that matter is the pattern continuity like for a river the water is completely different all the time but the pattern of the river is the same or evolve very slowly.

    If you replace your neuron one by one with artificial neuron at witch point do you die and your copy live ?
    The component of our neurons are perpetually destroyed and recreated as a natural process.

    Why would it be a copy with artificial neuron replacement and yourself with natural biological neuron replacement ?

    An exact copy of you at the quantum level is as much you (if not more) then you know and you one minute ago.

    If you could travel in time and see yourself in the past would you say it’s copy of you ?

    The mind is truly immaterial

    • If you replace your brain one neuron at a time it is still you.

      The distinction between an original and a copy is the question of whether two of you can exist at once.

      Have you ever watched Star Trek? The transporter device scans your entire body, breaks it down into energy, then reconstructs it from atoms at the destination site. The reality of what is happening is that you are being destroyed and a copy of you is being generated. Your memories cease at destruction and a new being with your same memories is generated.

      But sometimes the transporter screws up. One time it left the original intact and also generated the copy and they lived different lives for over a decade before they encountered one another again. Who was the real person and who was the copy? Most people would define the original, the one who was to be destroyed but wasn’t, as the original or “real” version.

      Judeo Christian theology is built upon the idea that you are unique, and that when you die your thoughts and memories are merely put on hold. Not that they are reproduced. There is a distinct difference between the two. It’s just like the difference between pausing a movie or playing the movie from the same spot from a different medium. Outwardly they are the same. But it’s not the same. It’s a different disc altogether.

      • Tordjman Says:

        Sorry but not only the quantum information is not los but it CAN’T be copied because of the no-cloning theorem. So in fact even in a heat death universe you can be resurrected by random thermal and quantum fluctuation if by a very tiny chance (there is more chance for 10*10*10… universe to apear) the same superposition of quantum information as was you happen. You will be resurrected and materialised in the vacuum energy for some seconds before dissipating again.

  10. I am not not a proponent of Tipler’s and I don’t believe that anything he says about Omega Point theory is even remotely plausible. However, I need to point out a couple of things.

    The problem of the acceleration of universal expansion is immaterial to Tiller’s theory. His theory is that intelligence will cause the universe to collapse, not natural laws.

    In addition, it is doubtful that humans, as biological entities, would be colonizing the universe. Rather, we would use something akin to Von Neumann probes that could colonize the universe at exponentially increasing speeds. There would be no need to ever travel faster than light. The total area colonized would increase exponentially until the end of time until the entire universe had been colonized.

    A computer with infinite computing capacity would “resurrect” everyone in a simulation if so designed to do so. There are a finite number of possible quantum states for every particle in the universe. A collection of those possible quantum states makes up your memories. With infinite computational capacity, every quantum state that is possible will be simulated an infinite number of times. In those simulations, you will be simulated exactly as you are now, five seconds from now, a year from now, and so on. Anything that was ever possible will be simulated infinitely. That means everyone who was ever born will be simulated along with everyone who wasn’t ever born. It also means that you will infinitely die in every way you could have ever died.

    The problem with Omega Point Cosmology is not the math. The problems are:

    1) The universe is mostly empty space. Even if our essence, in the form of thinking machines, colonized the entire universe it would still be mostly empty space. There is no.mechanism to even intentionally cause the collapse.

    2) There is no reason to believe that this afterlife would have anything to do with Judeo-Christian theology.

    3) Creating a simulation of someone isn’t a resurrection anymore than a photocopy is an original. A being with your memories but without continuity of consciousness is not you. It’s a copy of you.

    • Wow. So sorry, evidently I have discussed this with you before…

      My apologies. If I could delete my last post I would.

    • Tordjman Says:

      Sorry but not only the quantum information is not los but it CAN’T be copied because of the no-cloning theorem. So in fact even in a heat death universe you can be resurrected by random thermal and quantum fluctuation if by a very tiny chance (there is more chance for 10*10*10… universe to apear) the same superposition of quantum information as was you happen. You will be resurrected and materialised in the vacuum energy for some seconds before dissipating again.

      Also “empty space” is not reammy empty since it contain vacuum energy, quantum fluctuation, thermal fluctuation, higgs field and maybe some lonely photons

      • Patrick Says:

        Your reply has nothing to do with what I said. I made no comment on whether or not you could be “resurrected”. My beef is whether or not that copy is really you. That’s all.

  11. […] I was looking for data on Dr. Brown’s Omega Point. Ken Wilber writes about it.. or is it Stefano Sabeti? … Grof? …Wilber, I think. I can’t even remember the title of the two books that he wrote that I devoured. One is about Buddhist Psychology/ Psichoanalitic School coincidences in, for example, the genesis of the Elektra/Edoepus complexes, yin/yang, tanathos/eros. Grof takes this to the Perinatal Matrixes Experience of our conception to birth period, with absolute detail. Aggresion and Response. Hedonism: sadism, masochism, narcism; the anal, phallic and oral lock-on positions of the characters we are. This is all deeply explained by Armando Molinas’s Our Ways, Values and Character, which is a Formal, scientific, medical approach to a a tiny bit of a Sufi Body of Knowledge. This, Mr. Oscar Hichazo sequestered from Central Asia, or the Caucasus Region. The School of Gourdijeff, as Rodney Collins proves in The Growth of Light, has deep insights into the the life moves of the nine pointed Enneagram Star. Hichazo taught it in desert of Arica, Peru, in Shammanic style workshop retirements, with sensorial extremes treatments like sleeplessness. Break your demon through and heal! Dr. Reich’s Abreaction Principle, from beginning to end. Dr. Naranjo picked it, centered on Demonology as a Psychiatrist would, and taught it in California, to groups who of todays masters of The Enneagram, who were all legal suited for copyright Issues by Mr. Hichazo. The good ones, apart from Naranjo and Molina, are Riso and Palmer. They are both cited by Molina in his work, that he published as Formal Axiology to fool Hichazo’s law. So, in Molinàs work, the trinary structure of the nine types turns into the three pure ones, 9, 3 6, the center of the star equilateral triangle, into II, EE, SS, where I stands for Intrinsecal, endogeneus substance and self perception in the all, E stand for pure Extrinsecal Practical Action Commercial Image and S for Sistemic order of logic, reason and coercive dogma. II will be of picnic, endomorphic constitution with visceral growth and power center, EE is athlétic, mesomorphic, with strong muscles and bones and SS is asthenic, ectomorphic, with a fine and boosted neural development. Then, there are the other six permutations and the three subtypes for each of the nine. Mr. Molina taught me all about typical behaviours, attitides, body, facial, eye postures and voic rings, my speciality. Also about the three subtypes in each character. The S subtype is called Sexual because of the organic voltage, a 360V., metaphorically, he looks for Sense and Coherence. The I subtype is called Conservation. There is a fear of loss of food, money, tender loving or reason. These are the 120V. The Socials are a 220V fizz that devours everything in their gracious, practical know how sales marketing masters. They are Belzebuths. Kings of this world, and we love them because the world we believe true moves in their executive rule. Dr. Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism explains the psychodinamics of authoritarian Patriarchy, so does Naranjo, in the individual and social genesis of, for example, violent neo Nazi gangs that end up as NATO’s favourite foreign legions, directed by CIA allover and trained on battle ground and abroad, in US homeland, by the best US Infantry Brigade 404, in Colorado, in the case of Ukraines, indomitable Azov Brigade, and private contractors in other cases. My Medicine Heroes of Body, Mind and Souls, explain why we take in and support, patriotically in terms of Free West, all this Bloody Nonsense. So. Back to top. The Omega Point by Dr. Brown. If you see an omega letter Greek glyph, you place a mark at the top center of the curve, for a NORMAL PERSON. You can follow the lines both sides, to the bottom of the glyph, to place a HEALTHY PERSON, close, at the other side of the gap of The Lunatic. I don’t know if we could knit this into the Enneagram, as Michael Hernandez-Gilbert, my cousin from Georgia, likes to say, Does It Matter (mar-ar)? And this is where I introduce this link I found about people who go out of reason to reason what-the-hecks. The Omega Point shows that the Normals only see themselves, that a Healthy one Perceives and Interprets Correctly and that the Lunatic sees everyone as crazy as themselves, specially the Healthy Ones. Dr. Deepak Chopra, Oncology, explains this phenomenom of the invisible Healthy One, but for the Lunatic, in a marvellous novel about the Coming of The Antichrist. It already happened before my body eyes. To you, it is all Business as Usual, as Chopra explains. […]

  12. Irregardless means precisely the opposite of what you intended to say. It literally means “not without regard”. You were looking for “regardless”.

    Pet peeve aside, the big crunch theory is not invalidated or disproven simply because the universe is currently expanding at an accelerating rate. We are measuring the red shift at a point in time (and a infinitesimally small one at that) so we can draw no real conclusions other than just that: the universe is currently expanding at an accelerating rate. It is conceivable that this could simply be because we have not yet reached the dark energy/gravity tipping point yet (e.g. we are still closer to the big bang than we are to the mid way point).

    All that aside, a nice job laying out the absurdity of the Omega Point Theory. The further down this rabbithole you go, the more ludicrously and laughably biased and unsupportable it becomes. What we have in Tipler is a religious zealot (or charlatan) masquerading as a scientist.

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